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Adyar Ananda Bhavan – Indiranagar, Bangalore


We first became acquainted with this name when a colleague of Hubby’s handed out packets from sweets and savouries as a part of a birthday party. The taste was absolutely yum, and we then decided that we should check this place for ourselves sometime. That was over a year back.

This weekend, we randomly decided to go out for lunch when we originally planned just to go for grocery shopping. Since there are no decent eateries near the place we stay, we decided to make the long trip to Indiranagar. A couple of the restaurants we checked out on the way had a waiting time of at least 1 hour. Not interested.

We then decided not to look at any other place; just go directly to Adyar Ananda Bhavan and see what they have. The location was easy to figure out – right next to Namma Metro Station. πŸ™‚

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Indiranagar Metro Station

THe moment we stepped in the first thought I had was: it’s so small! Given its popularity in Bangalore, I was expected a much larger space, and definitely more than 6 dining tables. That was it. 6 tables, and about 4-5 snack tables (where there are no seats, just stand, eat and go!) Typical Tiffin Center style.

Not to be put off, we went ahead to check our meal options. There is a mini-meal served in the afternoons. Other than that there is a huge range of tiffins available, ranging from dosa and idlis to khara bath and bissibile bath (bath: rice in Kannada).

We opted for mini-meals as we were seriously hungry. The amounts being served in the plates didn’t seem too much, so we ordered another plate of curd rice to share. We were served: 1 roti, potato vegetable, veg kurma, bissibile bath, tamarind rice, curd rice, kesari bath and vadiyams (crunchy deep-fried snacks to be had with rice). Eventually we literally had to force ourselves to eat the curd rice! It was so filling….


The food was hot, and the taste was really nice. It wasn’t too spicy, nor was it bland. A perfect mix for any kind of palate.

The main focus of Adyar Ananda Bhavan is, however, sweets and savouries. There is a huge counter that runs almost the entire length of the shop. The shelves in the counter are filled with different kinds of sweets. And on top of the counter, are the savouries. Since we were keen on eating any more sweets, we picked up 2 kinds of savouries. Both were amazing, and had a flavor we had missed at most other sweet shops.

In all, we had a nice lunch, and need to plan our next outing there… to pick up more of the savouries! πŸ˜‰