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Review – Gokul Kuteera, Indiranagar, Bangalore

Review – Gokul Kuteera, Indiranagar, Bangalore

We’ve been trying to explore a few vegetarian restaurants around home. Some have been ok, and some not so great. So this weekend we decided to go a little further and check a restaurant that had great reviews.

This brought us to Gokul Kuteera, Indiranagar which had pretty nice reviews online, and the menu online was also pretty tempting.

We reached around 2pm and with a pretty good appetite. Parking was a bit of an issue and there is no dedicated space. We found space for the bike in the footpath/parking space of a previous building. But most people would need to pass the restaurant and park in the lane on the left.


The main entrance of the restaurant

Ambiance-wise, the restaurant is pretty ordinary. There was a small air-conditioned room inside the main restaurant, which was where we were seated. The place was pretty crowded.

For starters, we opted for the vegetable sheekh kabab and spicy sweet corn manchow soup. The soup was pretty loaded with pepper and was quite thick. In fact, with the amount of vegetables and noodles it had, it was more of a spicy stew. Though I must accept, it was very satisfying. The sheekh kababs were the perfect match for the soup. It was light and tasty and the chutney served with kababs was a delight!


Spicy sweet corn manchow soup and veg sheekh kababs

The main course was 2 butter rotis each with green peas masala and veg ginger masala. The servings of the curries was pretty large, and we felt that we could have ordered just 1 curry and it would have been enough. Both the curries were pretty mild and tasty.


Butter rotis with green peas masala and veg ginger masala

For dessert, we opted for the hot chocolate fudge with vanilla and butterscotch each. And it was YUMM! Both the desserts were topped with a whole lot of cashew nuts, which was a surprise given the pricing. The ice cream itself was of good quality, as was the chocolate sauce. The serving size was great, making this the ideal end for a great lunch.


Hot chocolate fudge with butterscotch and vanilla ice cream


Close-up of the cashews 😉

Murugan Idli Shop – Chennai


This is a very nice vegetarian restaurant at T. Nagar in Chennai. The reason we visited this place was that it was primarily close to place we were staying. But the piping hot and tasty food ensured we returned to it as long as we stayed in Chennai!

Murugan Idli Shop is a chain from Madurai, and has opened quite a few restaurants in Chennai, at least 5 of which are in the T. Nagar area. We visited the one at South Usman Road in T. Nagar.

The first time we visited here, we ordered for a plate of idli and masala dosa. The food here is served on fresh banana leaves, South-style! The water glasses too are mainly disposable ones, but they are placed in small steel glasses to facilitate holding the glass. To prevent people from serving/drinking water from the steel ones, they are made with holes as the glass design. 🙂 Pretty unique, and definitely nice! Further, there are no bowls provided for serving sambhar. So if that’s what you want served, you can rest assured it will mix up with the rest of the food on the leaf…

While waiting for our snacks to be served we were approached by a waiter who was serving hot aratikaya (plantain) bajjis. A plate consists of 2 bajjis, so we opted for 1 plate, where Hubby and I  had one each. By the time our tiffins came, we were still trying to cool the steaming hot bajjis! 🙂

The hot bajji with idli-vada.. served on a fresh banana leaf.

The hot bajji with idli-vada.. served on a fresh banana leaf.

The next morning we had a heavy breakfast of steaming hot idlis, pongal & vada and a hot onion uttappam, followed with a cup of strong coffee. It certainly did wake us up! 🙂

Pongal served with vada, various chutneys and sambhar

Pongal served with vada, various chutneys and sambhar

Lunch was a not-so-great affair though. There were a number of dishes served, but most of them contained garlic, which was quite a turn off for us. The lunch hall is located on the first floor, and one needs to pay for a lunch coupon at the door before taking a seat.

There is also a stall for “Jigarthanda” at the outside entrance. I’m not really sure what it is, but it looked like an ice-cream-topped milkshake. But I couldn’t get around to trying it though… 😦

In all, Murugan Idli shop is a nice place for a quick and tasty meal. The prices are reasonable, and it is definitely great value for money.



Rajdhani – MGF Metropolitan Mall, Gurgaon


I had been to this restaurant a couple of times, but had been too intent on talking to the people I’d met there, rather than on the food. So this time, I took special note to record my experience!

The main thing that stands out in my mind with this restaurant, is the food is excellent. Which is also why I end up coming here so many times.It specializes in Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine.

The moment you walk into the place, you can see that the tables are already set with the thalis (during the lunch time. Never been there for dinner). The lighting is yellow in the restaurant, and not white lights, so that makes it a little bit difficult to get natural colors for the items. 🙂

The "before" Thali

The "3 minutes later" Thali

Serving you food is serious business here. Once you’re in and seated, a server confirms if you prefer “normal” water or “bottle” water (packaged drinking water). Once confirmed, the parade of food starts.

Within a span of 3 minutes (yes, I timed it), your thali is full of items, some of which seem unfamiliar. For me, most items were unfamiliar. The serving guys are so busy loading the plates with goodies, you don’t get a chance to ask what is what, and even if you, the menu is run through verbally at a speed I definitely can’t pick up! 😦

The menu mostly consists of 2 snacks (or farsan items), 4 vegetable items, 3 dal/khadi items (2 sweet and 1 spicy), rotis/phulka/puris, thepla, khoba roti, moong dal salad, 2 chutneys, dahi vada, rice, dal khichdi, kheer, moong dal halwa and malai cham cham.

The thepla, khoba roti and dal khichdi are best had with a generous serving of desi ghee. The taste really livens up.

The food is rich in taste. And since its and “unlimited thali” (meaning you can get multiple servings of the items), completing all items on the thali is a task for those with a VERY healthy appetite.

It’s been a nice experience every time I’ve been there, and will certainly visit in the future. 🙂