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Andhra Bhavan Canteen


Calling all Andhra-ites who are in Delhi-NCR region! If one is feeling home-sick, the best way to relive the feeling is to have lunch at the Andhra Bhavan Canteen on Ashoka Road, New Delhi.

It is by far the most authentic Andhra food I’ve ever had outside Andhra Pradesh. Its hot and spicy, and delicious!

The Andhra Bhavan canteen is located within the campus of the AP Bhavan close to India Gate. It is a very popular lunch destination, and weekends normally mean a 1-2 hr wait to get your table.

To reach here, one can take a Metro train to Rajeev Chowk station. Come out at Gate no. 6 in front of Palika Bazar. You can take an auto from here to Andhra Bhavan canteen. The auto guys normally charge Rs 50 for this. Also, most of them know where the cnateen is, so you dont have to worry about asking for Ashoka Road; just ask for Andhra Bhavan.

My latest trip was on a lazy weekday afternoon, so there was no crowd to deal with, and hence a proper write-up about the food! One needs to enter the campus through a small gate near the statue of Shri Tanguturi Prakasam. Walking inside through a narrow lane you can reach the canteen.

A weekday lunch thali is much simpler, though just as delicious, as the weekend fare.

It comprised of 1 carrot koot, baingan subzi, 2 kinds of dal, sambhar, rasam, puris, tamarind rice, plain rice, papad, curd and sweet pongal (rice and milk cooked with sugar/jaggary).
This is an unlimited thali, which means one can get multiple servings of all items except of papad and the sweet dish.Along with all this there is also a dish kept on the table with 2 kinds of pickles : gongura (the compulsory andhra pickle) and lemon pickle, along with kandi podi.

If the food feels too spicy, temper it with as much desi ghee as required, from another bowl kept on the table. And if it gets over, just ask for a refill! πŸ˜‰

Eating a meal here is serious business. I’m not sure what it is about the place: is it the ambience, food, or the general polite demeanour of the servers. But every time I come here, my meal gets over within 20-30 mins, with minimum conversation. Once the food is served, no one seems inclined to talk, so we normally do at restaurants. The focus is on eating only!!!
I guess that’s would be a compliment to the food! πŸ˜€

So the next time you come here, come with a good apitite, and you can walk away with a smile.