Palli Muddalu (Groundnut Laddoo)

Palli Muddalu (Groundnut Laddoo)

Its been a long time that I’ve blogged about anything. Well, it’s not that I’ve not been cooking! 😉 It’s just that so many things have been happening in real life that this aspect of my own took a backseat.

I’ll start this one with a dish that happens to be a favourite of hubster’s, but I’ve not dared to attempt. The reasons for which will be clear thru the rest of the blog post. 😉 This particular batch was prepared by my SIL, with initial help/support provided be me.

Palli Muddalu

Palli Muddalu


  1. Groundnuts (Palli) 1.5kg
  2. jaggery 1kg
  3. water – a bit for melting the jaggery. approx 1/2 cup i guess


  • Pound the jaggery so that it is a fine powder. The reason for this is that it mixes better and faster this way.
    • The way I do this is take a thick plastic cover, find a heavy stone, and pound the heck out of jaggery while in the plastic cover. The cover goes waste, but you have fine jaggery powder within a min or so.
  • Dry roast the groundnut till the skin is dark and brittle.
  • Once it cools, remove the skin and blow is off. This is normally a process that is a bit time-consuming, as the skin needs to blow of completely for the next steps.
  • Break the groundnuts into halves.
  • Transfer the jaggery into a large, thick-bottomed vessel, and add the water and mix it in till the jaggery is completely melted.
  • Set the syrup to cook on a high flame,stirring constantly.
  • Set aside a small cup with water to check the consistency of the syrup. Once it reaches single-string consistency, drop a bit into the water. The syrup should set and not melt into the water. Keep at it till this point is reached.
    • A little longer would mean it gets crystallized. A little lesser means the laddoo wont form properly.
  • Take it off the flame and immediately add the broken groundnut and mix very well. Ensure all the groundnut is covered with the syrup.

Ready to be made into laddoos!

  • Move to a table that’s been covered with old newspapers. Set out a plate that has been greased. Keep a bowl of water for wetting the hand within easy access.
  • Keeping the palm wet, take up a bit of the groundnut syrup and roll into a ball. Note the syrup is still hot at this time, so please be careful! 😉
    • Actually this is the part where I have an issue 😛
Wet the palm and then shape the laddoo.

Wet the palm and then shape the laddoo.

  • Once all the laddoos have been shaped, set for drying out for at least 10 hrs (or overnight if making in the evening)

Once cooled down, this is a fun snack to have with your evening tea. 🙂


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