Sankranti at Home

Sankranti at Home

Sankranti is a festival that is celebrated across India. This is essentially a harvest festival, and goes by various names depending on the region: Makara Sankranti (most parts of the country 🙂 ), Pongal (Tamil Nadu), Lohri (Punjab), Bihu (Assam), among others. It is the about movement of the Sun towards the Northern Hemisphere, and therefore the onset of Spring/Summer.  In Gujarat and Maharashtra, colorful kites are flown in to honor the Sun God.

Sankranti is also one of the very few festivals that falls on the same day every year: January 14th, with a few exceptions of being on either 13th or 15th.

In Andhra the celebrations extend over 3 days: Bhogi, Sankranti and Kanuma. Each day, every family has its own version of muggu that is made outside their house to showcase the festival.  And as with every festival, each day has its own menu, which includes a variety of spicy and sweet preparations!

Bhogi :


Bhogi muggu


Sankranti muggu

Sankranti muggu


Kanuma muggu

Kanumu muggu


Here’s what we prepared on Sankranti: Chikkudukaya Kura (bread beans vegetable), Mukkala Pulusu, Utti Pappu (plain Dal), Pongali, Vada, Pacchi Tomato Pachadi, steaming hot rice, fresh sweet curds (yogurt) and ghee (clarified butter). Quite the menu!:)

The Festive Thali!

The Festive Thali!



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