Murugan Idli Shop – Chennai


This is a very nice vegetarian restaurant at T. Nagar in Chennai. The reason we visited this place was that it was primarily close to place we were staying. But the piping hot and tasty food ensured we returned to it as long as we stayed in Chennai!

Murugan Idli Shop is a chain from Madurai, and has opened quite a few restaurants in Chennai, at least 5 of which are in the T. Nagar area. We visited the one at South Usman Road in T. Nagar.

The first time we visited here, we ordered for a plate of idli and masala dosa. The food here is served on fresh banana leaves, South-style! The water glasses too are mainly disposable ones, but they are placed in small steel glasses to facilitate holding the glass. To prevent people from serving/drinking water from the steel ones, they are made with holes as the glass design. 🙂 Pretty unique, and definitely nice! Further, there are no bowls provided for serving sambhar. So if that’s what you want served, you can rest assured it will mix up with the rest of the food on the leaf…

While waiting for our snacks to be served we were approached by a waiter who was serving hot aratikaya (plantain) bajjis. A plate consists of 2 bajjis, so we opted for 1 plate, where Hubby and I  had one each. By the time our tiffins came, we were still trying to cool the steaming hot bajjis! 🙂

The hot bajji with idli-vada.. served on a fresh banana leaf.

The hot bajji with idli-vada.. served on a fresh banana leaf.

The next morning we had a heavy breakfast of steaming hot idlis, pongal & vada and a hot onion uttappam, followed with a cup of strong coffee. It certainly did wake us up! 🙂

Pongal served with vada, various chutneys and sambhar

Pongal served with vada, various chutneys and sambhar

Lunch was a not-so-great affair though. There were a number of dishes served, but most of them contained garlic, which was quite a turn off for us. The lunch hall is located on the first floor, and one needs to pay for a lunch coupon at the door before taking a seat.

There is also a stall for “Jigarthanda” at the outside entrance. I’m not really sure what it is, but it looked like an ice-cream-topped milkshake. But I couldn’t get around to trying it though… 😦

In all, Murugan Idli shop is a nice place for a quick and tasty meal. The prices are reasonable, and it is definitely great value for money.




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