Thotakura Teeya Pappu (Sweet Amaranth Dal)


I learnt about this particular dal at my In-laws house. When I first heard the name, I was taken aback. why would one want to add sugar to  dal? That was pretty unheard of, and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to try it. However, once I tasted it, it sure was a very pleasant surprise, without the addition of any sugar! This dish now takes pride of place on my table most weekends!

This weekend, I had a new crop of amaranth in my home garden, so that’s what I made! 🙂

Fresh Thotakura from my garden

Fresh Thotakura from my garden


1/2 cup pesara pappu (moong dal)
1 bunch of thotakura (amaranth leaves)
1/2 tsp salt
pinch of inguva (hing, asafoetedia)
pinch of turmeric
Tadka: avalu (mustard seeds), mina pappu (urad dal), red chilli


  • Cook the dal, chopped leaves, salt and turmeric till the dal is completely done and the amaranth leaves have cooked and mixed with the dal.
  • Take off the flame
  • In a wok, heat some oil with the tadka, add hing and add to the dal.
  • Mix well with the dal
in a bed of hot rice :)

in a bed of hot rice 🙂

This dal is best served hot with rice and a spicy subzi to off-set the sweetness! 🙂


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