Dondakaya Semi-fry Kura (Ivy Gourd, Coccinia)


This is a bit of a slow vegetable to cook. Mostly I make this by boiling the vegetable, and then adding the masala to the cooked vegetable and calling it done.

Dondakaya Fry

Dondakaya Fry

However, when my mother-in-law was here recently, she showed me this way of making it. This method apparently is a favourite of Hubby’s as well!



  • Put in oil and chopped dondakaya as if to deep fry.
  • Set the lid over the wok so that it (kind of ) can braize (in Telugu: magga pettu)
  • Once the dondakaya starts to soften, take off the lid and deep fry normally. This method used up a little less oil that the regular method, and fries the vegetable evenly.
  • Drain the excess oil into a container. This oil can be used for tadka and other frying purposes.
  • Add the besan and mix well to ensure no clumps are formed, and the dondakaya pieces are properly covered with besan.
  • When cooked, the besan will give off a nice aroma. Add the grated coconut and mix well.
  • The coconut helps the pieces of dondakaya to separate and not clump together.

Serve hot with rice.

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