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Home-made Pickles (Pachadi)


Home-made pickles are very common in Telugu homes and these are consumed with rice and with snacks like dosa/idli etc.Β  Andhra pickles are unique in many ways (taste, spiciness, preparation). Most of the pickles are best had with rice, a staple of South India. While they made had with rotis or any other flat bread, they taste best only with hot rice.

They can be categorized into 3 types:

1) Pickles made with vegetables for long duration (8-12 mths) also called ooragaya and typically prepared with mango ( aavayakaya, magaya, mukkalapachadi), gongura, lemon, tamarind (chintakaya), amla (usiri) among many more.

2) Pickles made with dals/vegetables and which need to be consumed in 2-3 days (ex: kandi pachadi, pesara pachadi, kobbari pachadi, pacchi tomato pachadi, vankaya pachadi)

3) Pickles made with vegetables and which need to be consumed in 7-10days (ex: kotta chintakaya pachadi, allam pachadi, mamidi-allam pachadi, mamidikaya pachadi)

From the top left: Gongura, Aavakaya, Usiri Pachadi, Mamidi Allam Pachidi


I am not an expert at making pickles and need to go a long-way before making them with decent taste πŸ™‚ However at my in-laws place pachadi is must with daily meal and so I used to get them whenever I visit them.

In this blog I dont want to get into details of making pickles but shall be posting the pictures of the (tasty) pickles which we made at home.