Chutneys Restaurant Review


While chatting at the dinner table, hubby wondered if we could add something about our favourite restaurants also. So I said “Sure!”, and here’s my first posting under this heading.

This has been a favourite of mine for a very long time, and also a special one too (first restaurant that hubby n I went to after marriage).ย  That of course was the Himayat Nagar one.

Recently we went out for lunch at Hyderabad to celebrate hubby’s promotion at office. The restaurant of choice was Chutneys at KPHB, Kukatpally, as it had recently opened.

The ambience was quite nice. The place was spacious. The only problem was getting a seat. The waiting time on a weekend/holiday is a minimum of 30 minutes. We were lucky to get a table within 15 mins. But that was also because our group size was large (8 people). The place we were given was a nice large round table, with sofas on 2 sides and chairs on the remaining 2. That was great, as it gave ample opportunity for my nephew to have fun! ๐Ÿ˜€

For starters we ordered masala papads and tomato soup. Both were nice. A place of masala papads has 2 large papads loaded with a mix of tomatoes, onions, salt, chilli powder and chopped coriander. The tomato soup was split up between hubby, my sis-in-law and her husband.

We ordered 2 South Indian thalis for my in-laws. They were not too happy with it, as the food was too bland. The only thing they liked in the entire meal was the nimmakaya uragaya among the pickles placed at the table.

The rest of us ordered 2 North Indian curries and butter nans. The curries were Green Peas Masala and Dum Aloo. Both were great to taste, but we definitely liked the Green Peas more! ๐Ÿ™‚ We also had chinese Chop Suey as an added flavour to the lunch. Not something I would recommend here.

Finally we wound down to the desert menus. My sis-in-law and I wanted Kubani-ka-Meetha, which is a Hyderabadi speciality. Unfortunately that wasnt in stock. So we all had various flavours of ice-cream. The servings were nice, which basically means that the scoops were large in size, and there were 2 scoops in each serving!!!

After 2hrs of walking into the restaurant, we walked out with full stomachs and happy grins!


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    • Hey Prashanth,
      Chutneys was a nice experience, but for the thalis.. but then it is better known for its tiffins and breakfast menus…
      n No I havent moved back to hyd. ๐Ÿ™‚

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