While growing up, I’d always prefered continental foods to regular meals. So u could come up with any type of pasta, bread or pancake, and I’d be game. Put a traditional meal in front of me, and I was more llikely to claim I’ve a full stomach already!!
But pancakes, though a personal favourite, was one item i kept eating at hotels and friends’ places, but never made it at home. Somehow, I’d never found a recipe I wanted to try before.

So, on a whim, I decided to look up some cooking websites, and see if someone has posted an eggless pancake recipe. Again, most recipes insists on vanilla extract and baking powder, none of which were at home, and I had not mood to step out n buy them either.

Finally I found the one I’m about to share. Having made it, I can assure you that it definitely lives up to its reputation!! πŸ™‚

2 tblsp Flour (maida)
1-2 tsp sugar (as per taste)
a pinch of salt
dash of nutmeg (or cinnamon)
1 cup milk
1 tblsp melted butter


  • Mix flour, salt, nutmeg, and sugar.
  • Make a smooth batter by very gradually adding milk.
  • Beat batter fully ten minutes, adding melted butter.
  • Now this takes some serious effort. I’m not used to this, and ended up beating the batter for abt 5 minutes. Not enough to get fluffy pancakes.
  • Heat a skillet to medium heat.
  • Once the skillet has heated well, pour 1/2 cup batter. Do not spread the batter.
  • Let the batter bubble up slightly, and you can make out the edges becoming brown.
  • Gently flip over to the other side .
  • Once both sides have been nicely browned, take off the skillet.
  • An important thing I realized here is the desire to add oil to the skillet before pouring the batter. This is a fall-out of regularly making dosas. Also, most website advise to use a non-stick pan for making the pancakes. This is hardly necessary.

    But please remember, a pancake is NOT a dosa. The pancake comes off the skillet quite easily without have to use oil.

    Serve hot, with honey (my choice), maple syrup (traditional choice) or powdered sugar.


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