Panasa Ginjala Fry

I remember this dish from my childhood. Back then the duty of peeling the white skin off the seeds fell to us kids. But that only made the taste that much more memorable :).

The seeds from the jackfruit need to be dried out ion the sun for at least 1 day. The outer skin then becomes opaque and more visible. This white skin needs to be peeled off to show the brown skin below. Check image 1.

Jackfruit seeds
Chilli powder


  • Peel the white skin off the seeds. Chop into halves.
  • Cook the seeds ina pressure-cooker.
  • Once cooled, drain the brown-coloured water and set aside. The seeds will be soft but still firm.
  • In a wok, heat some oil.
  • fry the boiled seeds in the oil.
  • Drain excess oil, and add salt & chilli powder to taste.

The purpose of boiling the seeds in to prevent it from absorbing too much oil while frying. Raw seeds can be fried, but they will take a long time, absorbing a lot of oil.

Serve hot with rice.


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