On a recent trip to Mysore, we bought a jackfruit at the vegetable market.

For cutting a jackfruit, you need:

  • A large knife, preferably a professional style one.
  • 1 cup of cooking oil.
  • sheets of newspaper, on which to rest the fruit.
  • Containers for the pieces.


  • To find the correct point at which to cut a jackfruit, it take experience. And  I havent reached there yet. 🙂
  • Coat the knife blade with oil, and apply some to your hands as well. There is a lot of stickiness inside the fruit, and the oil prevents it from transfering onto your hands and knife.
  • Cut the fruit carefully, to avoid unnecessary damage the the pieces inside.
  • Now apply oil on your hands, and carefully seperate the pices from the skin. This needs patience, and quite a bit of strength as well. Not the mention  stamina, to stand in the same place for well over an hour to get all the peices out.

The strings and seeds may be kept aside for adding into curries/ rasam. The poky skin, however, can be gotten rid of. Also be sure to throw away the oil used. Its unusable after applying on the knife and hands.

This is by far, the most difficult fruit to cut. But one must say: the fruits of this labour are definitely sweet!! 😉



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