Atukula Dosa


Continuing on my Dosa line of recipies, I want to share a speciality of my mother-in-law’s: atukula dosa. I say specialty simply because her’s is by far the very best i’ve ever tasted:) .

Now this is a dosa that is rarely heard of, even in Andhra, leave aside in other parts of the country!

But one needs to prepare the batter well ahead of time. This is not something you can conjure up at the drop of a hat!


2 cups soured buttermilk

2 cups rice

1 cup beaten rice (poha/atukulu)



  • Keep the buttermilk overnight to make it sour. Please make sure it does not get soured too much, as the stench will not be bearable! 🙂
  • Add the poha and rice to the soured buttermilk and keep aside for 1 day
  • Grind finely till the mixture is smooth. Another indicator is that the batter fluffs up a bit and has small bubbles on the surface.
    • You may adda bit of curds or water to help in the grinding proces. This needs to be done very carefully to avoid making the batter too runny.
  • The final batter needs to be a bit thick, more like the batter for idlis.
  • Add 4 tsp salt and mix well
  • Keep overnight.

This is probably the only dosa which has detailed instruction on the final preparation!


  • Heat a skillet on low flame. As with any dosa, spread a small amount of oil over the skillet and heat till it gives off a little smoke.
  • Put a small amount of batter on the skillet and spread it a bit on the pan. It needs to look like a small size uttappam.
  • Put a little oil around the batter and cover with a domed lid.
  • The done dosa will have puffed up a bit, and the surface will be dry and firm to touch.
    • Do not flip over.
  • Gently remove from the skillet.
  • Serve with chutney.
    • Any chutney will do, but coconut chutney is best, as its flavour counters the slight sourness of the dosa very well.

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